The Language of Flowers

What is the Language of Flowers?

In most cultures around the world, trees, shrubs, flowers and herbs, have a special significance in terms of healing on a physical, psychological or spiritual level. I have chosen to use a combination of the Victorian version of the “language of flowers,” supported by my own experience of over 30 years of growing and using the plants, to convey the message you are receiving or are giving to someone.

In the table below you will find the flower listed under its common name as well as the meaning that I give to them using the research I have done on the language of flowers and my own experience. Some flowers that come in many colours may have different meanings for each colour. I have not listed them all here; however, I will pick the colour that best serves the message. If you wish to know the botanical name of a certain plant, I can provide that to you.

Under the category headings (Romantic love etc.), you can cross check to see (indicated by our logo) what flowers may be in a bouquet with the message you are looking for. The combination of flowers depends on the season and can be customized. Just contact Debbie here to order a custom posy.

Flower and MeaningRomantic Love,
Marriage or Anniversary
Friendship or
Thank you
CongratulationsRemembranceGood Luck
Baby’s Breath (everlasting love, innocence, pure of heart)
Beebalm (compassion, sweet virtues, irresistible
Catnip/Catmint (courage, happiness, good luck)
Cedar bough (strength, longevity, prosperity)
Chamomile (energy in adversity, patience, fortitude, healing)
Comfrey (protection, safety)
Cosmos ( joy in love and life, pure love)
Coreopsis (love at first sight)
Dahlia (dignity, stability, gratitude)
Delphinium (a big heart, heavenly, airy)
Dogwood (love, undiminished by adversity)
Dusty Miller (industriousness, delicacy)
Fennel (healing, grief, courage, strength, protection)
Geranium, scented (preference, comfort, conjugal affection, true friend)
Gladiolus (generosity, integrity, sincerity, remembrance, strength)
Globe flower (endless love, immortality)
Heartsease, Johnny jump-ups (affection, think of me, faithfulness, modesty)
Heliotrope (devoted affection)
Honeysuckle (devotion)
Hyssop (holiness, cleanliness, healing, protection)
Lady’s Mantle (comforting love)
Lamb’s Ear (protection)
Lavender (devotion, attachment)
Lemon Balm (healing love)
Oregano (joy)
Parsley (thanks, gratitude)
Peppermint (warmth of feeling)
Phlox (united souls, hearts)
Pink Rose (grace)
Pine bough (endurance, boldness, loyalty)
Purple Coneflower (strength and health)
Pot Marigold – Calendula (affection, grace, grief, health)
Red Rose (love)
Rosemary (remembrance, wisdom, intellect)
(justice, love conquers all)
Sage (good health, long life, wisdom)
Salvia (respect, energy, I think of you)
Snapdragon (strength, will power, freedom)
Spearmint (warm sentiment, protection)
Statice (sympathy, remembrance)
Stonecrop (welcome, tranquility)
Strawflower (health, longevity, healing)
Sweet William (love, affection, perfection)
Thyme (courage, activity, bravery)
Violet (sweet beauty, faithfulness, sweet love, reciprocal friendship)
Wormwood (absence, comfort, protection)
Yarrow (healing, dispels melancholy and heartache)
Zinnia (I miss you, I mourn your absence, lasting affection)