How to Order

How to Order

Please email us or call us at 613-859-8467 to place an order. We now accept all credit cards over the phone!

Summer is here!

This summer we are also offering bouquet subscriptions. Here is how they work:

1 $20.00 bouquet a week for minimum of 4 weeks (taxes and delivery within 30 km) included)

1 $25.00 bouquet every 2 weeks for a minimum of 4 weeks (taxes and delivery within 30 km included).

Subscriptions are payable up front for the time requested. We accept all credit and debit cards over the phone.

Posies and Poems are unique!

Our unique posies with poems are wonderful gifts for any occasion. We have delivered them around the Ottawa and Ottawa Valley region for birthdays, get well wishes, celebrations of life, engagements, new jobs/homes, graduation and just because!

We now have a wonderful selection of fresh flowers to design a posy for you or as a gift for someone!

A “feel better” posy
A “best wishes” posy

Above are some examples of the posies we make. All our posies are unique as they are custom made with our field grown flowers and herbs in season: June to October.

Prices start at $40.00 (including tax and delivery) for a custom posy with a poem based on the language of flowers. Each posy comes with its own vase, a ribbon and a card with the poem or message. The combination of flowers will depend on what’s in bloom when you order.

We deliver in the Ottawa, Orleans, and Ottawa Valley region within 30 km of Bourget. For deliveries further away a small delivery charge will apply. We can usually deliver the same day, if you call us in the a.m. !

You can check the Language of Flowers page to choose your message or contact us.


bouquet, wedding
A 60th Wedding Anniversary Posy!

Wedding orders are welcome. We can plan for your budget or you can come pick the flowers and do-it-yourself. Best to plan early as we only do a limited number of weddings. We are taking bookings now — contact us.


Some of the messages/poems we sent along with posies this summer…

Some of the poems …

For the love of a child of any age
I will love you always (Pink Rose)
A love made of pure affection (Sweet William)
And comfort (Lady’s Mantle)
Your presence in my life brings me
Patience, cheerfulness (Chamomile)
And, the same I wish for you
As well, I wish you
Wisdom (Salvia), and
A long life (Sage)
Full of affection and comfort (Wormwood)

For my someone special/parents
You have showed me compassion (Beebalm)
And, Love, undiminished by adversity (Dogwood)
Your big hearts have embraced me (Delphinium)
Your united hearts and conjugality (Phlox)
Have brought joy (Oregano) to my life
I will always remember (Rosemary)
The courage (Thyme) you have
And the healing (Yarrow) you provide

For the birth of a child

When a new life begins
It is love at first sight (Coreopsis)
Your love and affection (Sweet William)
Is matched by
Your devotion (Lavender)
And protection (Lamb’s Ear)
Your newborn child is a source of
Joy (Oregano)
And, healing (Yarrow)
May the mother (Yellow lily) and child
Live a long life (Sage)

My true friend (Scented Geranium)
Your sincerity and integrity (Gladioli)
Brings joy (cosmos) to my life
I wish you good health and strength (Purple Coneflower)
Warm sentiments, reciprocal friendship (Spearmint)
Longevity, and prosperity (Cedar)
I am grateful (parsley) for your friendship
Good Luck or Congratulations!

I wish you happiness and good luck! (Catnip)
In your new endeavor
And, prosperity, longevity and strength (Cedar)
May the joy in life (Cosmos) be your companion
And may the world protect you (Spearmint)
And fill you with strength and freedom (Snapdragon)